Employers are expected by the public,
the law, and the courts
to be extra-vigilant
when screening employees.

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) understands that guest satisfaction is vital for success in the hospitality industry. Employees are the most important factor in ensuring guests have positive experiences which will promote customer loyalty.

The hotel and lodging industry has unique risks for both guest and employee safety. Housekeepers, reception desk staff, bellmen, maintenance staff, and other employees have responsibilities that include interacting with guests, handling luggage and other personal belongings, entering guest rooms, and serving food in rooms and hotel restaurants.

Theft, workplace violence, substance abuse, and negligent hiring liability are real issues facing hotels, motels, resorts, and hospitality management organizations. Background checks, drug screening, and additional services offered by PrintScan will help you reduce potential risks to your guests, their personal belongings, your employees, property and reputation.

Key Benefits

  • Protects employees and guests from workplace violence
  • Reduces the threat of employee theft and embezzlement
  • Helps provide a positive customer service experience for guests
  • Increases repeat business from a pleasant experience
  • Reduces the threat of negligent hiring litigation
  • Discourages dishonest applicants from applying
  • Reduces costs of training and turnover
  • Complies with current legislation

Our Hospitality Clients

  • Travel and tourism Companies
  • Hotels and Other Lodging Enterprises
  • Food and Beverage Businesses

Additional Services Available

  • Employment Credit Reports
  • Driving Record History
  • Drug Screening

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) specializes in creating customized packages to meet the individual needs of each firm or organization and their unique requirements.