Let us customize a professional and
detailed program to meet your specific needs

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources’ (BSR) innovative tenant screening solutions empower property managers and landlords to make more informed decisions on prospective tenants; ultimately providing a more safe and secure living environment. In order to make the best possible decision, property owners need to be aware of a tenant’s credit, criminal, and eviction history. Let us work directly with you to design a comprehensive tenant screening program based on your specific needs, time frames, and criteria. Our customized Tenant Scorecard or Scorecard Pro allows property managers and landlords to consistently identify qualified tenants by using unique screening criteria.

Key Benefits

  • Selects the right tenant for your property
  • Minimizes the risk of income loss
  • Reduces the risk of fraud
  • Provides better return on investment

Our Tenant Clients

  • Property Management Companies
  • Real Estate Companies

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) specializes in creating customized packages to meet the individual needs of each firm or organization and their unique requirements.