Manufacturing and
Wholesale Industry

Companies with fewer than 100 employees,
lost an average of $147,000 from occupational fraud.

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) works with many Manufacturing and Wholesale businesses nationwide, because we understand the importance of hiring in a fast-paced economy. We offer secure and comprehensive background screening solutions that meet Department of Transportation (DOT), federal, state and other industry regulators to help protect your organization.

Our employment screening solutions are easy to use, cost effective, and acquired expeditiously. Our dedicated account representatives stand ready to help you through every step of the way; from the setup of your background screening program and training of your authorized staff, to answering any questions about services, processes, compliance or the information contained in a background report. We are there for your organization by providing personalized assistance.

We’ll help you protect your workforce and reduce potential liabilities, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Key Benefits

  • Helps control the rising cost of healthcare and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Identifies likely candidates that may become a liability to your company
  • Reduces absenteeism and employee turnover

Our Manufacturing Clients

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Electronic and Technology Producers
  • Mining and Oil Refineries

Additional Services Available

  • Driving History Report
  • Employment Credit Report

PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) specializes in creating customized packages to meet the individual needs of each firm or organization and their unique requirements.